It could finally be decision day in the Dionne Quints Home saga in North Bay. City council will vote on a recommendation to keep the home in the city, prepared by Councillors Chris Mayne, Derek Shogren and George Maroosis.

The recommendation reads: That the City of North Bay retains ownership and jurisdiction of the Dionne Quints’ Home, all museum artifacts, contents and related items. That the city locates the Dionne Quints’ Home at the North Bay waterfront park, on the west lawn roughly aligned with the walkway through to the parking lot, near the North Bay Museum, attached hereto as Appendix “A”. That the city be responsible for all costs of moving, relocating, foundation preparation and basic landscaping of the Dionne Quints’ Home. The money for the costs of the move, relocation, foundation preparation and basic landscaping will come from the proceeds of the land sale, based on the Opinion of Probable Cost dated March 22, 2017 attached hereto as Appendix “B”, to relocate at its current condition.

The artefacts of the Dionne Quints’ Home are to be safely and properly stored by the city and be made available for public display, subject to a legal Agreement between the city and any interested parties at the discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer and the City Solicitor. The condition assessment includes a ten-year forecast for capital requirements attached hereto as Appendix “C”, and that the city pursues funding opportunities with both the Provincial and Federal Governments to address any future required capital repairs or improvements required by the home. That the Council direct the Chief Administrative Officer to work with the Friends of the Dionne Home Board to establish an Operating Agreement for the Dionne Quints’ Home with the goal to incorporate as a not-for-profit organization.

During the regular meeting of council, Friends of the Dionne Home Chair Jeff Fournier will give a presentation about their vision and recommendation going forward. The only other item of note is Councillor Mark King bringing forward a motion to establish an ad-hoc committee focused on the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan and King’s Landing.