Canadore College is a happy place to be if you’re a student, according to the provincial Key Performance Indicator survey results released today. The college is above the provincial college system’s average in six performance indicators including provincial average in graduate satisfaction, overall student satisfaction and graduation rate. Compared to students at other colleges around the province, students at Canadore feel more confident.

  • 91.4 per cent of Canadore College students rate their program as giving them the knowledge and skills that will be useful in their future career (86.9 provincial average)
  • 84.3 per cent of Canadore College students highly rate the overall quality of learning experience in their program (79.5 provincial average)
  • 81.0 per cent graduate satisfaction with Canadore College graduates (78.8 provincial average)
  • 79.3 per cent of Canadore College students are report being satisfied overall (76.5 provincial average)
  • 72.3 per cent of Canadore College students attain graduation criteria (66.6 provincial average)
  • 68.7 per cent of Canadore College students highly rate the overall quality of the services in the college (64.6 provincial average)

Canadore President George Burton this data confirms that Canadore is the college of choice, a choice that leads to meaningful and lasting employment. He says as a college they see direct correlation between community investment and support and their KPI results. Burton added investing in Canadore provides an immediate return on investment and improved outcomes further into the future.

Ontario college programs continue to be closely aligned with changing labour market demands in communities. Colleges work closely with business and industry leaders to ensure programs respond to shifts in local employers’ needs. The provincial government and the colleges have been gathering the annual data on college results since 1998.