This year’s Hike for Hospice results are in, and $71,000 was raised which will go towards the Nipissing Serenity Hospice. The major fundraising event for the hospice raised $65,000 last year. The event’s corporate sponsor, Royal Bank, raised nearly $8,000 and the Cooperators Insurance raised over $20,000. This year’s top community teams were the Dixie’s Chicks with more than $7,000 raise and Team Kenalex with a little more than $4,600 raised.

Officials still expect to put a shovel in the ground early this summer to have the hospice built by the summer of 2018. It will be located on John Street at the site of the old CN railway tracks, and will border on Chippewa Creek opposite the Kate Pace Way and Laurier Woods. A hospice is a home providing care for the terminally ill.