The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority has issued a Water Condition Statement for Lake Nipissing due to the rain in the forecast for today. Duty Officer Katelyn Lynch says although Lake Nipissing’s level has been steadily decreasing over the past few days due to the dry weather, it’s still above the maximum operating level.

Lynch says the weather system is expected to bring 10 to 15 millimetres of rain, and added the potential for a thunderstorm could lead to higher amounts of rain. Flooding isn’t expected, but there warning people to stay away from shorelines just in case. Lynch says strong winds from the west have the potential to increase the wave impact on the Lake Nipissing shoreline in North Bay and Callander.

The flood watch issued by NBMCA on May 9th, and this Water Condition Statement for water safety is in effect until May 24th at noon.