North Bay resident Mike Breadmore helped play a key role in dealing with an unruly passenger on board an Air Canada flight from Jamaica to Toronto earlier this week. News stations in the U.S. report the passenger became increasingly more agitated as the flight went on. It’s alleged the man yelled at other passengers for looking at him, and then attacked the crew with a coffee pot.

He then tried opening a cabin door by attempting to pull the lever. Flight crews tried to calm him down but he wouldn’t. At that point, crew members asked some passengers, including Breadmore, to help bring the situation under control. They got the man down, and managed to secure him with zip ties. Breadmore says he didn’t think twice when he was asked by an airline stewardess to help gain control of the situation.

The plane was re-routed and touched down in Orlando, Florida where FBI agents removed the passenger, who is now facing a number of criminal charges.