CTS Canadian Career College and the Modern College of Hairstyling and Esthetics have announced the launch of a new financial literacy training program in North Bay. The colleges the program is launching in response to the record-high debt levels and chronically low savings rates in Canada today. Former Dragon’s Den star Bruce Croxon says talking about the debt situation in Canada over and over again only gets us so far. He says the dialogue is important, but the only way to enact real change is to drive it with more mandatory financial education programs.

Croxon is supporting the initiative through a partnership with Enriched Academy, a financial literacy program originally pitched on the Den back in 2013. It is now one of the most successful deals from the show. The official event launch will be on June 1st in both Sudbury and North Bay. President of the colleges, Carlos Carvalho and his team will be joined by Croxon and Enriched Academy founders, Kevin Cochran and Todd Peterson for the event at the Capitol Centre.

Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader, Jane Rooney is leading the task force responsible for the Canada-wide financial literacy strategy. She recently said she sees financial literacy as a shared responsibility with the government, the private sector, schools, and individuals all having a part to play. The Enriched Academy program will focus on the basic building blocks of financial empowerment including topics like money myths, credit and credit cards, and budgeting. It also provides training on managing daily finances, building wealth, and establishing a personal brand. The program involves online and in-class training videos, quizzes and a workbook with each element of the program focusing on a different financial skill.