Severn Bridge resident, Leah Walker recently won a $10,000 value family reunion which will allow her to reunite with the participants, workers and volunteers at PADDLE in North Bay. Walker originally came to North Bay for school, and ended up working at PADDLE for two and a half years. Organizers of the Catelli Canada 150 contest were drawn to Walker’s story because she views PADDLE as an organization that accepts people regardless of their abilities.

Walker credits the people at PADDLE for helping shape her into the person she is today. She says when you work at PADDLE, and when you get to know them, it becomes like family. Walker says when she saw the contest she thought how cool it would be to plan a big outing for them. Walker added it’s hard to find accessible and affordable transportation for wheelchairs, so this was an opportunity to get around that.

The reunion with PADDLE won’t actually happen on the Canada Day long weekend, it’ll be happening on July 21st. Walker has a property of 50 acres in the Severn Bridge area, and that’s where she’ll be hosting everyone for a big picnic, a campfire and a handful of other activities as well.