Colonel Henrik Smith has officially handed over command of 22 Wing North Bay to Colonel Mark Roberts. A ceremony was held yesterday at the base. Smith has held command of 22 Wing since 2015, and thanked members of the wing for the work they have done as he said his goodbyes before moving to a new job in Ottawa.

Roberts is a former commanding officer of both 51 and 21 squadrons in North Bay, and says returning to the base is a lot like coming home. Roberts took over command of the 51 Aerospace Control and Warning Squadron back in June of 2010. Then a year later in June of 2011, Roberts moved on to Command CEFCOM in Ottawa.

He says he has seen up close the leadership here, and added the base will continue its mission and will also continue with its work supporting the community. Roberts also noted that a life in the military means a lot of moving around, and the support of the family is essential.