Nipissing’s MPP says the saw mill proposed for Bonfield is a well thought out project.  International Wood Industries announced the $145-million plant last Thursday which will create 90 jobs.  Vic Fedeli says IWI understood the marketplace because it recognized there’s plenty of wood fibre but no mills in the region.  Fedeli says in addition to cutting trees, IWI has created a value-added component to the plant.  He says the company will make hardwood flooring in Bonfield, then package it and ship it to a market it’s lined up.  Fedeli says IWI will also have easy access to a rail line which goes through the area which in turn helps get the wood to a seaport for export.

The MPP says IWI has done a lot of its homework including signing a hardwood fibre agreement with the Algonquin First Nation.  Fedeli says in addition to the 90 jobs, IWI will also help generate spin-off jobs since someone has to make and repair the type of equipment IWI will use.   The mill, which is expected to open in 2019, should be able to keep its energy costs down by using the tree bark as heat.  Fedeli says it will look for a buyer for its wood chips and will turn the sawdust into pellets making it a zero waste facility.