The Women’s Own Resource Centre has two workshops beginning this fall for women in the South River, Burk’s Falls and Almaguin region.  Registrations are now being accepted for the Entrepreneurial Skills Training Workshops and the Life Skills Training Workshops.  Samantha Boeckner, the centre’s program assistant, says although the courses are free, space is limited.  That means if you’re interested, you should register as soon as possible.  The organization says that for women who have children but want to take the workshops, childcare is available.   In addition mileage bursaries are available.  In the Entrepreneurial Skills Training workshop, women will get the tools and support they need to plan and start their own business.  The workshop shows how to forecast cash flow, how to develop a business plan and financial planning for sustainability.     Information is also provided on the kind of funding options that exist for new business start-ups and how to expand.  For women in Burk’s Falls, the program begins September 26th and the start date for women in South River is September 28th.  The second program, the Skills Training Workshop, is for women looking to improve their skills to better cope with the demands and challenges of everyday life.  Sessions include improving self-esteem and building confidence.  Participants are also shown how to manage stress, resume writing and putting together a household budget.   This workshop begins September 26th and takes place in the boardroom of the resource centre in South River.     For information on either program call 386-9672 or send an email to