Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli has joined PC Energy Critic Todd Smith in sending written requests to the Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) regarding what they deem to be a “secret electricity trading agreement,” between the Kathleen Wynne-led Liberal government and the province of Quebec.

“Energy experts are deriding these latest secret negotiations,” said Fedeli in a release. “This is bad for Ontario’s economy and for hydro customers. I worry the Premier is only doing this for political optics at a very high cost to the people of Ontario.”

The FAO, as a result of the requests from Fedeli, who is also the PC Finance Critic, and Smith, has agreed to review the fall 2016 agreement.

The closure of several power generation plants in North Bay, Kapuskasing, Kingston, and Mississauga, among others, followed the agreement and resulted in approximately 100 lost jobs.

“It is important that we learn the facts so we can evaluate the impacts on the economy, including job losses caused by this secret deal, as well as the effect on electricity ratepayers,” wrote Fedeli in his correspondence with the FAO.