At 28-years-old, Andrew Bridle is already a successful entrepreneur. A native of Port Sydney, Ont., Bridle currently owns two Pita Pit franchises in Bracebridge and Huntsville, and he believes the freshness of his product, plus a prime location in a growing area of North Bay that is close to a large student base will be a recipe for success.

Bridle says construction on North Bay’s second Pita Pit location will begin shortly near the closing McEwen gas station off Algonquin Avenue. The owner plans to commute and get operations rolling when the new restaurant is ready to open sometime in the second half of 2018 before turning over the day-to-day operations to a management team that he will help build.

Twenty jobs can potentially be created with the opening, says Bridle, while comparing employment levels at his other two franchises.

The family man has been honoured as Canada’s Pita Pit franchisee-of-the-year recently, which Bridle says is a nod to a good work ethic and his many charitable endeavours.

Bridle says that being mentored as a child and young man by a Big Brother has created an affinity for that charity. Bridle’s Pita Pit locations have gained a reputation in the Muskokas as community-friendly and he says that he will never turn a charity away from his North Bay location. As long as an agreement on the charitable help is feasible, Bridle will do his best to make these arrangements work for all parties.