The Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU) has made national history.  The group is the first student union across Canada to form a partnership with the Military Family Resource Centre to make the transition from military to civilian life easier for members, veterans and their families.  Both groups recognize potential challenges can arise in a university setting when the student was part of a military family.   In announcing the partnership, the student union`s vice president, Cooper Allen, said the group applauds the work that the Military Family Resource Centre does for the personnel who help protect Canada as well as the families who support them.  Allen adds it`s also an honour that the NUSU is the first student union nationally to form such a partnership.  Tina Thomason, a spokeswoman for the family resource centre, says it`s hoped that the members, veterans and families feel accepted, understood and valued for their important skills and experiences as they adapt to the university environment.  Nipissing-Timiskaming MP Anthony Rota also hailed the formation of the partnership.  Rota congratulated both groups and called the arrangement exceptional.   Rota adds it will help former service personnel as well as the families who stand behind them as they try to reach career goals as civilians.