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Colleges ask Labour Board to schedule faculty vote on their most recent offer

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The colleges have requested that the strike is suspended so that faculty and students can return to class while the vote is being organized.

The colleges have asked that the Ontario Labour Relations Board schedule a vote. The vote will take between five and ten days to organize.

The College Employer Council (CEC) says it has listened to the union and addressed its priorities with solutions on:

  • Enhancing full-time employment opportunities for contract faculty
  • Increasing pay
  • Greater rights for contract faculty
  • Better job security for contract faculty
  • Academic freedom guarantees, and
  • Faster compliance with Bill 148

The colleges say they have tabled an offer with better access to full-time jobs; additional rights, security and compensation for partial-load faculty; increased salaries and benefits for full-time faculty; and new academic freedom guarantees.

Better Access to Full-Time Jobs:

  • Requires that colleges give preference to creating full-time jobs over partial-load and sessional jobs
  • Grants partial-load faculty the same rights as full-time faculty to apply for new full-time positions
  • Gives partial-load faculty priority to teach future course offerings

Increased Pay for Full-Time and Partial-Load Faculty:

  • 7.75 per cent salary increase over four years
  • New full-time faculty salary maximum of $115,378
  • New partial-load maximum of $154.26 per hour
  • Increased partial-load salaries by doubling the speed of progress through the salary grid
  • Improved benefits
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