Nipissing University holds the last of its speaker series in North Bay this evening on what the future holds for us 25 years from now.  Five faculty members will consider varying aspects of the future based on the type of research they’ve done.  Among the researchers are Doctor Carly Dokis whose specialty is anthropology and Doctor April James who examines geographical issues and whose work includes watershed analysis and modelling.

Each of the speaker talks for about five minutes on their subject matter in layman terms.  The presentations are followed by questions and answers.  The previous four speaker series have generated an excellent response with engaging discussions and this evening’s event should be no different.  Also scheduled to speak are Doctor Mark Bruner who is Nipissing’s Associate Professor School of Physical Health and Education, Doctor Astrid Steele, who is the Associate Professor of the Schulich School of Education and Doctor Kirsten Greer who is Assistant Professor of the university’s history and geography program.

The speaker series has been dubbed NU2042:  Time Travellers Wanted,   to reflect the name of the school and to highlight how far the researchers will look into the future when discussing what our society will be like.  The event has been organized as part of Nipissing’s 25th anniversary.  However considering the previous speaker event nights have been so well received, there’s the possibility of continuing the series in 2018.  NU2042 takes place at the Grande Event Centre and begins at 7:00pm.  There is no admission charge.