Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli says there are two compelling reasons to build a new nursing home facility in Trout Creek to replace the former Lady Isabel home.  The first is the region needs more than 66 beds which was the number of long-term care beds at Lady Isabel. The second reason is a larger facility makes it cheaper to run the operation because fixed costs, like personnel in human resources and finance, are spread over a larger number of beds.   Fedeli says building a nursing home that accommodates beds in the 90 plus range helps avoid the financial mistakes that got the Lady Isabel home into trouble.   The province closed the facility because of financial issues.

As for the need for a larger facility, the Tory MPP says it’s real.   He says even though Lady Isabel is closed, clients still there are being relocated as space becomes available elsewhere.   Fedeli also says a case needs to be made to ensure the new facility is built in Trout Creek but would accommodate patients from the region.   He says traditionally the community has housed a nursing home and it’s lost many jobs as a result of Lady Isabel closing.    As for when work on a new facility can be built, Fedeli believes it will be at least two years before a new home is up and running.