North Bay City Council is helping to make it rain for a new splash pad but if costs go over on the project, do not say that Jay Aspin (pictured above) did not use an Olympic winter sports metaphor to warn you.

North Bay City Council voted unanimously to endorse the Downtown Waterfront Advisory Committee’s recommendation to build the splash pad behind the Discovery North Bay Museum.

The splash pad will be funded by two local Rotary Clubs to the tune of $650,000 which includes $100,000 to support either temporary washroom and change room facilities, or as a contribution to assist in establishing permanent ones.

Committee member Jay Aspin at first thought that an option to build the splash pad at Marathon Beach had not been adequately examined nor properly estimated for the cost. It was later determined by a majority of the committee that the beach location did not meet space requirements.

Aspin, presenting before Council last evening, cautioned that transparency in costing was imperative. He added that heading down this sort of uncertain financial path is akin to getting on a luge course with no way out until it is too late.

Another committee member, Jamie Lowery, refuted Aspin’s remarks, saying that he was “mystified,” by them.

Lowery said that he is in favour of the museum location and the majority of Council agreed.