Think of it as a way to do your part to reduce, re-use and recycle by taking part in the City of North Bay’s Goods Exchange Day.

Tomorrow, residents are encouraged to place any unwanted but still usable goods curbside.  Re-usable items might include furniture, clothing, books, tools, sporting goods, toys, doors, windows, sinks, etc.

Place items out after 8:00am and remove any left-over items before 6:00pm on Saturday.  There will be no special City pick-up of any items left curbside.

Goods Exchange Day helps protect the environment in two ways: it cuts down on garbage that would otherwise end up in the City’s landfill, and re-using items saves energy and the environmental impact of producing new items.

Residents collecting Goods Exchange Day items are asked to drive safely, watch for children and obey all traffic laws.