Updated to include new information from Fire Chief Jason Whiteley.

If you felt the earth move (under your feet) this morning, you are not alone.

Citing data from Earthquakes Canada, the staff at Science North confirmed that this morning’s incident in North Bay and the surrounding area registered as a 2.2 magnitude event.

There was no confirmation that the shaking felt by residents was the result of blasting, as initially reported or as the staff at Science North indicated later in the morning, a seismic event.

Another official from Natural Resources Canada later reported that what was initially thought to be an earthquake occurred as a result of the blasting and registered on the scale as an earthquake.

Fire Chief Jason Whiteley says a consultation with a seismologist from Natural Resources Canada now indicates that the vibrations detected from the NRC equipment are as a result of the blasting at the quarry by Miller Paving.

Social media lit up this morning as residents from as far as Four Mile Lake Road in North Bay to Powassan posted, wondering what shook their homes.

Reports indicated that it was a paving company doing some blasting at a quarry on Birch’s Raod that caused widespread reports of everything from an explosion to a low-flying plane to an earthquake.

Earthquakes Canada initially confirmed a 2.2 magnitude earthquake occurring 2 km southeast of North Bay at 9:04am.

For seismic details of this morning’s event felt in North Bay and area, click here.