Relatively speaking, voter turnout was high in the Nipissing riding when compared to participation in other northern ridings and across the province.

The average for people voting in last Thursday’s election hit 58 percent across Ontario.

However in Nipissing, the turnout was 60 percent.

Nipissing and Parry Sound-Muskoka were the only two northern ridings that exceeded the provincial average.

Parry Sound-Muskoka had the highest participation rate among the north’s 12 ridings at 62 percent.

The remainder of the northern ridings saw voter turnout dip as low as 48 percent to a high of 57 percent.

Although still on the low side, the province’s voter turnout average of 58 percent was still higher than past elections.

In 2014 voters hit a two decade high at the time when 52 percent of them decided to vote but in 2011, the turnout among eligible voters was only 48 percent.