A 36-lot residential development has been given draft approval by the community services committee to proceed but it is nowhere near the number of lots originally intended by the proponents.

A planning report shows that the subdivision will be developed as a cul-de-sac, bordered by Gordon Drive and Connaught Avenue.

An area of land that has been dropped from the original application will not be developed. An objection had been filed by a neighbouring property owner concerning a species-at-risk claim and the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal was to have heard the arguments before this newest application negated the need for a hearing.

Chair of community services Mark King says the development is approved to move forward and work will commence when the proponent is ready to go. King says the roads, the curbs, and the services are already in that subdivision. The initial draft approval for a larger project from 2006 had expired.

The development area has been downsized from original plans that would have included a larger parcel of land. City planner Peter Carello indicated that the developer had withdrawn the entire, larger application and has decided to proceed with the smaller subdivision.