The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority is updating North Bay residents with its Water Source Protection Plan Review.

The agency is presenting its annual report at the Janey Avenue site this Thursday at 7:00pm.

Sue Miller, Manager of Source Protection, says the report identifies policies that should be changed.

She says the main reason for this is that over time the Conservation Authority has found better ways to address threats.

Miller says the agency also found that the vulnerability of the intake for the North Bay system was set too low and likely needs to be increased.

The lower score is the result of using rules laid out by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change from 2009 which have since been modified.

Miller says North Bay has been very proactive on matters involving the drinking water supply for decades and that’s reflected in many of its policies like the Official Plan and measures to ensure septic systems are insulated.

Over a period of time the NBMCA will discuss policy changes with city council before any changes are made.

It will also supply the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change with a work plan that details changes the Conservation Authority is suggesting.

Miller says the ministry will examine the proposed changes before approving them.