The Gathering Place is getting a helping hand from the Acting for Stage and Screen Canadore students under Rep 21.

The students have decided to donate all the proceeds of their next play to The Gathering Place’s new home on Cassells.

The play, The Lark, is the story of Joan of Arc who was burnt at the stake for heresy.

Three evening performances are planned from July 18th to the 20th at 7:30pm followed by a matinee performance on July 21st at 2:00pm.

There is no admission fee but patrons are asked to donate what they like.

The students also helped The Gathering Place staff this past Friday serving food to those in need.

One the students was Nate Brubacher who is in his second year in the program.

“They have a really tight kitchen here and getting around that space with kitchen carts moving in an out makes it really hard especially when there are a lot of people,” Brubacher said.

“Having a bigger space will really help them a lot.”

The Gathering Place staff preparing lunch

As for why the students chipped in to help the staff on Friday, Brubacher says they just wanted to help out a little.

“We want to help people who are in need of food and just know they got some food that day and don’t have to worry about being fed,” he said.

The students have been rehearsing The Lark every day since May.

Unlike past Rep 21 plays which have taken place in the theatre, The Lark will be performed in the Digital Cinema Studios.

Seating is limited to 60 people so anyone interested in catching the play later this month should arrive early.