No one was hurt in Lavigne after a severe storm swept through the area early Monday evening.

Corissa LeBreton-Tremblay, who lives in Cache Bay, saw the rain and wind storm approaching from Sudbury and left for Lavigne to be with her mom and her mother’s boyfriend.

“You could see it coming and when it arrived the rain was sideways and it became windier and it started to uproot everything,” LeBreton-Tremblay said.

LeBreton-Tremblay says her mother’s boyfriend was just getting home from work and got caught in the storm and for a moment decided to wait it out in his pick-up truck.

“Thank goodness he came in because the barn later fell on the truck,” she said.

Some damage of the Lavigne storm aftermath

LeBreton-Tremblay says an eight-bay barn was damaged, lawn tractors in the barn were on top of the rubble, a boat and RV were overturned, trees were knocked over and the cab of the pick-up truck had been ripped off.

The farmhouse all three were in had its windows blown out but everyone was far enough from them not to get cut by flying gas.

She also says the wind blew away a chicken coop along with the chickens.

More storm damage in Lavigne

Further down the road, LeBreton-Tremblay says the top of a silo at a neighbour’s home was taken off.

LeBreton-Tremblay says West Nipissing Police arrived to ensure no one was hurt and checked on nearby neighbours to also make sure no one needed medical attention.

LeBreton-Tremblay says the storm only lasted two or three minutes but it was a terrifying time.

She says her mom’s boyfriend was on the phone talking to his insurance company after the storm and was told it will be a few days before an adjuster arrives to assess the damage.

She adds in the meantime the boyfriend has been told not to touch anything.

The farmhouse is located on Trottier Road in Lavigne.

Lavigne Storm Destruction

Video of damage to a property in Lavigne from last night's storm that left 4,000 Sudbury residents without power.Thanks to Corissa LeBreton-Tremblay for the footage

Posted by Moose FM CFXN 106.3 – North Bay on Tuesday, July 10, 2018