That look seldom leaves a parent’s eye when one of their own is in distress.

That look can be seen on Kerri Stiller’s face, the wheels always turning, thinking ahead, wondering what comes next, what has to come next, as she remains at her daughter’s side for short trips home or as Keera battles cancer at CHEO in Ottawa.

Keera Daniel was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and has undergone several procedures, including amputation of her knee. Osteosarcoma is the same type of cancer that Terry Fox had. The lower part of the leg has been reattached in a procedure called rotationplasty (see video below) that her doctors hope will serve as a sort of replacement knee joint that will allow for a prosthetic.

Stiller says that Keera has been so courageous, so positive, that she gives her the strength to keep going. Mom has had to leave her job to support 17-year-old Keera, an avid soccer player, as she battles through surgeries, uncertainty, and the ability to just be a kid once in a while. Her husband continues to work in North Bay Monday through Thursday, travelling to join the family on weekends.

Stiller says this is the only the third time they have made it home and each time the love and support have been overwhelming.

Keera Daniel and her family have the support of first responders and the community. Photo by Stu Campaigne, Moose FM

The family has been actively supported by several groups in the community who have raised funds for Keera and her family to use as needed during her recovery. Seven rounds of chemotherapy remain for Keera, stretching into September.

This visit home, first responders all made donations to support the family and paramedics presented the funds raised from a donation box at a car wash they held to benefit Keera and the family as they travel back and forth. A GoFundMe account has also been set up on the family’s behalf.

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