Like North Bay, West Nipissing faces an opioid crisis.

Chief Ray St. Pierre of the West Nipissing Police says there have been several instances of overdose cases in the municipality and in one case, a West Nipissing Police officer administered naloxone to someone who overdosed.

He adds police believe that one of the overdoses that resulted in death was the result of fentanyl use.
St. Pierre says the number of drug seizures in West Nipissing is rising with more fentanyl pills, Purple Heroin and fentanyl powder being confiscated.

St. Pierre says opioids are so lethal that something the size of a grain of salt can kill an adult.
He says this is very worrisome because it is not just the user or emergency personnel responding to an overdose that is at risk.

He says there are also unsuspecting victims.

“It could be a health provider like a homecare worker or even a parent if they walk into their child’s room you can absorb fentanyl through the skin,” he said.

“So, this isn’t just a problem for addicts. It’s a community problem and everyone needs to be aware of the dangers of drugs like fentanyl and carfentanyl.”