Job seekers, here is some insight into the job market in Nipissing District, as compiled by the Labour Market Group.

More than three-quarters of job postings that included a starting hourly wage in the listing were above the provincial minimum.

Of the 602 job postings from July, 98.2 per cent (591) were primarily discovered through online sources, 30.1 per cent (181) required some form of a driver’s license, 5.6 per cent (34) required access to a personal vehicle, 13.5 per cent (81) were seeking a bilingual candidate and 35.5 per cent (214) indicated that a criminal record check would be a condition of hire.

A starting hourly wage was listed for 335 of the job postings.

Of these 335 listings, the average wage was $17.07 per hour.

The July average was nearly identical to both the June average of $17.04 per hour and the current 12-month average of $17.02 per hour.

Of the 335 job postings with a starting hourly wage included in the posting, 75 were offering the provincial minimum wage, representing 22.4 per cent of the postings in which wages were provided.