Recovery Day aims to put a face and a voice on those who have found the solution and by sharing these success stories, those who are still suffering can see that recovery is possible.

Organizers of the event say people suffering from addiction are often judged as having moral weakness. Even once they have found recovery, that stigma may continue. Recovering from an addiction is hard enough, but for many former substance abusers, even more difficult is dealing with society’s judgment.

A new recovery movement is being organized at the local, provincial and federal level, one that is aimed at keeping the focus on the fact that recovery works and is making life better for millions of Canadians.

Along with 30 other cities across Canada, North Bay is rallying and celebrating throughout the month of September to raise awareness and reduce stigma.
North Bay’s 3rd Annual Recovery Days takes place at the Kiwanis Band Shell on September 21 and September 22.