The drive is underway to raise $10,000 for the Infant Food Shelf program housed in Trinity United Church on McIntyre Street in North Bay.

The fundraising initiative is known as 100 Women, 100 Dollars within 100 Hours.

Chair of the initiative, Wendy Abdallah says donations can be made online and through the 100 Women Facebook page.

In addition, cheques can be dropped off at the church, Hands Family Health Network and Cor Maximus.

Abdallah says the Infant Food Shelf provides what mothers need for a newborn up to 12 months.

She says things like baby blankets, infant formula, diapers and breast-feeding supplies provide the essential and crucial elements a child under one year of age needs as it develops.

The Infant Food Shelf is open to caregivers in the North Bay area and includes Sturgeon Falls.

The money that’s raised between now and Friday will help support a family for 12 months.

Abdallah says usually $650 is allocated to a caregiver for that 12 month period and they can drop in once a month to pick up the necessary items they need for their child.

Although the fundraiser ends this Friday, Abdallah says as long as money continues to trickle in, donations will be accepted.

Also the fundraising isn’t limited to the $10,000 and Abdallah says if the goal is surpassed, then all the better.

Donations of any amount will be accepted.

Chair of the 100 Women, 100 Dollars within 100 Hours chair Wendy Abdallah.

Abdallah says when the fundraising was launched on Tuesday, one woman gave $300.

She says that dollar amount was what this individual was able to afford but adds $20 donations will also be accepted.

Abdallah says there are no administrative costs associated with the fundraiser and stresses whatever is raised goes to baby-related products.

For more information, Abdallah can be reached at 498-9724 or 495-8339.