“We don’t have a crystal ball,” when it comes to what to expect as cannabis is legalized next Wednesday, says North Bay Police Chief Shawn Devine.

But, Devine knows one thing for certain amid the uncertainty of cannabis legalization — impaired driving laws will continue to be strictly enforced.

Devine reminds the public that while cannabis use may be legalized, driving under the influence of drugs, whether medication or legal, is illegal. Although the NBPS does not have a roadside machine to test for cannabis impairment, the Chief says some 50 officers under his command are well-versed in drug impairment recognition.

Devine says NBPS is “prepared.” He adds that it is impossible to be 100 per cent prepared with so many unknowns when it comes to the legislation.

Deputy Chief Scott Tod says one of the biggest issues with the cannabis legalization is the lack of case law to go on. He envisions officers being tied up in court at first as members of the public inevitably get charged with offences – especially impaired driving offences.