MPP Vic Fedeli says local small business owners are asking what the Tory government can do to ease pressures on the business community.

The finance minister says Premier Doug Ford has declared Ontario to be “open for business,” and the government is backing up that statement.

Fedeli says the Ford government is “cutting the corporate tax rate from 11.5 to 10.5 per cent, cutting the small business tax rate by 8.75 per cent, we’re lowering Hydro rates by 12.5 per cent.”

The Nipissing MPP says he has been hearing from small business owners that it has not been just one challenge to overcome but rather a “cumulative effect,” of over-regulation and minimum wage increases among a long list of challenges.

Fedeli says the creation of northern jobs would be a good start to turning the tide. He says his intention is to get other cabinet ministers to visit as Wilson has to see for themselves what the community is facing when it comes to business and other northern issues.