During the month of December 2018, the North Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police responded to several calls for service including the following incidents:

  • 4 Impaired Driving
  • 2 Warn Range Suspensions
  • 78 Motor Vehicle Collisions (9 Personal Injury)
  • 9 Violent Crimes
  • 11 Property Crimes
  • 1 Drug-Related Occurrence

Acting Staff Sergeant Bill McMullen, Detachment Commander of the North Bay OPP, says, “We have seen some significant thefts over the past few months in the North Bay Detachment areas. As a community, it is important to look out for our neighbours. If you see suspicious activity, please call your local police agency.”

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Here are some crime prevention tips that you can use to deter crime and safeguard your property:

  • Thieves hate bright lights. Install outside lights and keep them on at night. Consider motion sensors that set off lights or alarms.
  • Ensure that buildings, doors and windows are well exposed, lit up, and not obstructed, paying particular attention to landscaping.
  • Keep your fences in good repair. Secure all access roads with locked gates.
  • Remove all weapons of opportunity such as small garden rocks or throwable objects.
  • Keep small equipment locked in a barn or garage.
  • Block in larger items, such as plows, so that they cannot be removed.
  • Use cameras and post signs letting the public know that video is being utilized on the property.
  • Ensure that building doors and windows are sturdy and solid and locked with the best locks available.