As tonight’s North Bay City Council meeting looms, a local singer/songwriter is expressing herself the best way she knows how — in song.

Jennifer Plummer has written the song ‘City Please’ in response to North Bay City Council’s attempt to ask the province to lessen environmental protections. Since its Facebook release this past Thursday, the video featuring the song has had nearly 3,000 views to date. Yan Roberts, a spokesperson for the group opposing the species at risk and significant wetlands motions says the song is “motivating the community to come together around this issue with optimism.”

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Local videographer and photographer Vanessa Tignanelli recorded and captured Plummer in song.

Plummer says her song is raw and passionate, “intended to help inform and empower people in our beautiful community of North Bay to stand up for what makes this city special, our natural surroundings. These wetlands and creatures that inhabit them help us move towards our future of sustainable healthy living, and they need to be protected.”