When North Bay City Councillor Scott Robertson campaigned last fall, he became known as “the Baylor Report guy,” constantly bringing up its recommendations in debates, meet and greets, and while knocking on the doors of voters.

One of the major pillars of the report is the need for community engagement and the respectful sharing of ideas among government, municipal staff, and citizens. Robertson is staying true to his campaign promise to focus on “implementing the vision and recommendations of the Baylor Report. Their report emphasizes a 21st-century approach to economic development. It told us that in the modern economy, by improving the sense of community, the quality of life as well as leveraging our existing public assets, we will attract people, and create jobs by strengthening our local businesses and encouraging young start-ups.”

To foster this community engagement, Robertson has been effectively employing social media — throughout his successful campaign — right up to the present day in his short career as a city councillor. Recently, he took to Facebook Live for an informal Q & A with viewers (shown above) on a wide range of current municipal topics. He has a knack of connecting with the online audience, making the mood seem more as though the viewer is joining Robertson in his downtown home. Adding to the family-oriented, fireside chat feel of the Facebook Live sessions are the voice of Robertson’s wife, Lindsey, and the periodic appearances of their son on camera.

Robertson says, for now, the Facebook Live sessions will be held when there are enough local issues to warrant it but he will continue to post monthly report videos (see below) as promised during the campaign. Details on Robertson’s upcoming social media events and views on municipal affairs can be found on his Councillor Facebook page.

In keeping with the Baylor Report, Robertson says one of the keys is to move from informing to engaging. Rather than speaking at the public, he is trying to find innovative ways to engage the citizens and have their voices be part of the process.

Report – December 2018

My report for December 2018 is live at https://www.robertsonnorthbay.com/blog/december-2018-report.

Posted by Scott Robertson – North Bay City Councillor on Sunday, January 6, 2019