If you’ve ever tried to pay a visit to the Fox and Fiddle in North Bay, especially on a jam-packed after-work Friday, you know parking has been a challenge for some time now.

In what pub owner Nathan Taus calls “a win for the small guy,” the previous parking wars with the MTO have been rectified and the Fox and Fiddle has worked out a mutually beneficial lease agreement for the properties surrounding the building to be used for customer parking.

For the last two years, the government-owned lands to the east and northeast of the Fox and Fiddle had been barricaded to deter parking for free. Taus is ecstatic with the break in the standstill with the MTO over the use of the land at a fair price and says his understanding neighbours on Spencer Avenue and the nearby mini-mall will hopefully see the days of cars lined up and down the already narrow road come to an end.

Taus says another benefit of the extra parking is it allows for the pub’s guests to leave their vehicles overnight without concern, something that is of the utmost importance to the Fox and Fiddle’s owner, management and staff.