The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care says the Ford government is committed to putting patients first unlike its predecessor. contacted the ministry after a leaked document revealed the Tories were going to use a Super Agency to replace the Local Health Integration Networks, also known as LHINs.

Hayley Chaza, the ministry’s press secretary says Ontarians have a fractured health care system that the previous Liberal government built for the bureaucracy and not the patients.

Chaza says the Ford government intends to put patients at the centre of a sustainable health care system that will be built for the future.

Chaza says the priority for the Tories is to ensure the delivery of front line care is supported and protected.

Chaza adds that as the new government continues to review all government agencies, it will listen to patients, families and front line providers so it can create a health care system that works for Ontarians.

Although Chaza did not address the issue directly of the leaked document, the Ministry of Health has said the document is only a draft.