Who knew there could be a black market for driveway salt?

If you, like many others, scoured North Bay for ice melter for your driveways and walkways today, consider yourself lucky if you found some.

A survey of several stores that were still open Saturday night in North Bay turned up zero bags of salt. If you have half a bag stored in your garage, you could probably turn a tidy profit just by standing outside Canadian Tire, Walmart, Home Depot or Parker’s Independent Grover and scalping it.

Each of those stores above reported not having any product in stock, with most saying the soonest it will be replenished is early this coming week.

Due to nasty weather this past week, with temperature swings and not one, but two, bouts of rain and freezing rain, there was a run on driveway salt in the days that followed to deal with the messy frozen aftermath.

So, until those fine establishments can top the stock back up, be mindful of that next step.