Although our neighbours to the west have been experiencing some seismic activity of late, Earthquakes Canada says the likelihood of further related earth-moving incidents affecting North Bay is slim.

Earthquakes Canada confirms a 3.5 magnitude earthquake occurred near Sudbury early Friday morning, less than two days after a smaller earthquake centred farther from Sudbury took place Wednesday evening.

Seismologist Allison Bent says, “Small earthquakes, such as the ones recorded in Sudbury, are occasionally followed by aftershocks but not always. In any case, they would likely be small in terms of magnitude and few in number. It is rare for a small earthquake to be followed by something larger although it is impossible to rule it out entirely.”

The location of the Friday earthquake was recorded at 14 kilometres east of Onaping Falls, at a depth of 10 kilometres.

Bent adds, “We received confirmation that both events in Sudbury this week were triggered by mining activity, each in a different mine. We record events like this a few times every year. They tend to be small and felt only locally and would not affect North Bay.”