Despite the many snow days students in Nipissing have experienced this year, it appears there’s no danger of them losing their school year.

Jay Aspin, the chair of the Near North District School Board, says the Ministry of Education requires a student to have a minimum of 194 instructional days.

“The ministry has guidelines and we’ve received no indication from the minister that the school year is in jeopardy,” Aspin said.

Aspin says there’s no doubt the area has experienced a larger than usual number of snow days this year.

He’s hoping this is an aberration and is not about to become the norm.

Although schools remain open on snow days not many students who rely on school buses make it in unless their parents give them a ride.

Aspin says one teacher told him she uses technology to address this scenario when it happens so students don’t lose education time.

“She told me every lesson that she does, she provides an alternative in terms of electronic lessons,” Aspin said.

“Therefore, the students whether or not they’re in the classroom doesn’t matter.  They have to take the lesson, fill in the questions and submit that.  This could become the norm rather than the exception in the future.”

Aspin says changes on how education could be delivered is just speculation at this time because the large number of snow days may be a fluke this year and won’t be a factor next year.