North Bay Fire Chief Jason Whiteley is confirming a “partial collapse of the roof,” at Auntie Jane’s Restaurant with “lots of damage.”

Whiteley says fire crews completed a search of the units to ensure there wasn’t anyone inside and there does not appear to be any injuries as a result of the incident.

The Fire Chief adds, “We have secured the area and shut off the gas. We have Hydro, Union Gas, sewer and water and an inspector from our building department assisting.”

It is too early in the investigation to put a dollar figure on damages or to determine for certain the cause. Snow accumulation and heavy loads on roofs have been an issue in different parts of northern Ontario this winter — and here in North Bay, such as at Laporte’s Nursery & Greenhouses last month.

Deputy Fire Chief Greg Saunders adds, “The structure will remain closed and access restricted under an unsafe building order issued by the City’s building department.”