The North Bay Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic-Downtown, located at 179 Main Street East is now accepting patient applications online and in-person.

“The Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic-Downtown is a great opportunity to better serve the community. Access to primary health care is an important factor in all our lives and the Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic-Downtown will have a meaningful impact on people’s overall well-being,” said Dr. Sarah Eckler, a physician at the Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre and collaborating physician for the North Bay Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic-Downtown.

“We have been focused on building strong relationships with our community partners. Partnering and learning from their established services, and their experience working closely with clients, will allow for a smooth transition in connecting clients to primary care services close to home,” said nurse practitioner and Clinic Director Jaymie-lynn Blanchard. “We look forward to providing our registered patients with quality primary healthcare in a timely manner while making the most effective use of our multi-disciplinary team, established community partnerships and resources in our community.“

The downtown clinic will add three new nurse practitioners to North Bay’s health care resources and about ten new staff in total. Led by nurse practitioners, this model of primary health care brings together nurses, collaborating family physicians, social workers, and other health care professionals including a dietitian, case manager and support staff to provide comprehensive, coordinated team-based care.