Chair Dennis O’Connor says the North Bay Police Service Board will continue to gather input from stakeholders and the public with a decision on how the vehicle-for-hire debate will shake out to come in the fall.

In the attached video, two of the central characters in the taxi versus rideshare discussion, Anthony Campigotto, who organized a local pro-rideshare Facebook page, and John Strang, owner of U-Need-A-Cab give their views on whether rideshare should be included in an expanded by-law along with limousine services or even if taxis should be deregulated altogether. The by-law was passed in 1995 and the industry has evolved to include new players. Strang, for his part, said the rules changing mid-game is unfair to the taxi industry. He told the panel at the taxi town hall the taxi licences acquired by his company cost in excess of $500,000 and would be devalued by an unregulated rideshare presence in North Bay.