The state of emergency has finally ended in West Nipissing.

Mayor Joanne Savage lifted the emergency mid-afternoon Monday after it went into effect May 9th.

The rising level of Lake Nipissing forced the municipality to declare the emergency because of flooding.

However, the lake level has been dropping and Savage says flooding conditions are expected to improve in the coming days.

The municipality has also reopened Avenue de Lac and Hillman Road which were closed earlier because of flooding.

Savage says all other road closures remain in effect and motorists are not to drive on these closed roads until further notice unless it’s to get to their primary residences.

The municipality is keeping some of its boat launches closed for safety reasons except for the Secondary Boat Launch in Cache Bay and the Minnehaha Bay Boat Launch which are open.

Once on the water operators are reminded of no wake zones so the wake from your boat doesn’t crash into the shoreline and damage waterfront infrastructure.