If you’re feeling the effects of the elevated temperatures we have been experiencing or just looking to get out of the heat, there are options.

During business hours, visit Northgate Shopping Centre or the North Bay Mall.

Memorial Gardens is open until 4:00pm and the North Bay Public Library welcomes visitors until closing time at 9:00pm. Pete Palangio Arena will offer a cool place for people to go until midnight.

Nipissing First Nation says to bring the family to cool off and enjoy the use of the computers, free wifi, Netflix, books, movies, and toys at Kendaaswin (Library) until 4:00pm. Cooling stations are also open at the Nbisiing School Gym until 4:30pm and the Band Office Gym until 4:30pm.

Check in on neighbours during the heat event as the extreme temperatures affect the most vulnerable first, children and the elderly.

Also in harm’s way are pregnant women, people with chronic illnesses, and people working or exercising outdoors.

And, don’t forget your furry friends, they can also be dangerously affected by the heat. Is it too hot out for a walk? Click here for more on heat-related tips when it comes to extreme heat and your dog.

There is relief in sight as a cold front later Friday with a chance of rain and the possibility of a thunderstorm into Saturday will bring cooler conditions and lower humidity for the weekend.

Meanwhile, get out of the sun if you can and stay hydrated if you are outside to lessen the chance of heat stroke or exhaustion.