Residents in an apartment building located at 579 McKeown Avenue were all able to safely escape a structure fire in their unit.

At 6:45pm on Thursday, fire crews from all three stations responded to a report of a confirmed structure fire in the apartment building in the north end of the city.

Deputy Fire Chief Greg Saunders reports firefighters were on the scene in under four minutes. “Upon arrival, firefighters were met by the tenants who were able to self-evacuate and confirm that everyone was out of the unit. Firefighters were directed to Unit 144, they entered and quickly were able to extinguish the fire.”

Saunders says a Fire Prevention Officer has been called upon to determine the cause of the fire which is still under investigation.

“The building was ventilated until air quality measurements deemed the atmosphere to be safe and the other residents were able to return to their respective units,” said Saunders. The Deputy Chief added, “Please remember that properly maintained, properly located smoke and CO alarms will save your life.”