In a quality of life ranking of 415 communities in Canada, North Bay placed 138th.

Our closest geographical neighbours on the list, West Nipissing, placed 82nd overall, highest of all of the Northern Ontario communities included in Maclean’s annual ranking of “Best communities in Canada 2019.”

“We may be number 82 on this list, but West Nipissing will always be the best,” said Mayor Joanne Savage.

Other rankings from Northern Ontario communities:

  • 116. Greater Sudbury
  • 133. Kenora
  • 138. North Bay
  • 152. Timmins
  • 215. Sault Ste. Marie
  • 223. Elliot Lake
  • 241. Temiskaming Shores

Maclean’s disseminated data regarding the 415 communities across the country to determine which offer the best quality of life. The rankings are based on points awarded in 10 categories including wealth and economy, affordability, health, weather, crime, commute, taxes, demographics, culture and community, and amenities.

In 2018, MoneySense ranked West Nipissing as the best place to live in Canada with low property taxes.

“This is not the first time West Nipissing is recognized as one of the best communities, and it will certainly not be the last,” said Savage.

“The story of our vibrant and charming community is making its way across Canada. As proud hosts of the 2019 IPM, we will soon have a greater opportunity to share our quality of life with others from around the world. Every one of us who is proud to call West Nipissing home knows that our ‘joie de vivre’ shines through our great services and the generous people of our municipality.”