It has been a much quieter forest fire season in Ontario this year, as compared to 2018, and the MNRF would like to keep it that way.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is worried about the increasing number of unextinguished campfires it is coming across in the northeast.

Forest fire information officer Shane McCool says too many people are leaving fires unattended or neglecting to put them out before leaving.

“We want them to go out and enjoy the great outdoors,” said McCool, “but to certainly not leave their fire unattended.  Make sure they choose that fire site very carefully so that the fire can’t escape, either building it or bare rock or on mineral soil, and sheltered from the wind.

“Never leave the fire unattended,” McCool continued. “Have an adult present at all time and keep the fire small.  The smaller the fire, the more manageable it is should it escape the area or the fire pit.”

McCool added that before you leave, you should douse the fire with water.  Then stir it to make sure you got all the embers, and douse it again.

With files from Bob McIntyre,