Clean Green Beautiful lead Hariett Madigan gave a status report on the community-driven clean-up group.

“Every little bit helps and we can all be part of that solution,” said Madigan outside the Lakeshore Caisse Alliance. The Caisse says it is proud to partner in the initiative and is sponsoring the purchase of 100 per cent biodegradable garbage bags. The new white bags were made possible by supporting sponsors Carry-All Builders, GetTrainedWorkers, and Birchwood Village. Both the Caisse Lakeshore and Cassells locations will be pick up locations for bags.

Miller Waste has agreed to pick up those white bags from the curb after clean-ups and they will not count toward your weekly garbage limit.
And, the Capitol Centre has posted an interactive map in its lobby on which volunteer crews can pin areas already cleaned and so other crews can see what needs to be tidied up next.

Madigan says Clean Green Beautiful has “brought together well over 300 projects with over 1,500 volunteers here in North Bay.”

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