The City of North Bay has announced Mayor Al McDonald will host a roundtable meeting next Wednesday to address concerns from the community.

Representatives of 30 community partner organizations will be in attendance to discuss the complex issues of addiction, homelessness, mental health, discarded sharps, poverty and the challenges that these issues bring to a community.

The roundtable meeting will bring together local representatives from organizations that deal directly with addiction, mental health and poverty reduction programs and services in our community. The objective is to address the associated challenges together as a community.

“Our citizens, while understanding, are very concerned,” said McDonald. “As a Municipality, this is outside our skill set and expertise. That’s why it’s so important for us to bring together all of our partners. We need their assistance in putting together a plan and identifying gaps and next steps.”

The roundtable meeting is part of an ongoing effort to develop solutions to the challenges in our community related to addiction, homelessness and mental health that began many months ago involving elected officials, City staff and partner organizations.