It’s been a good summer for wild berries in Northeastern Ontario.

So, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry bear management technician Mike Seabert is expecting and hoping for fewer bears wandering into human territory this fall.

“They’ll be coming into town mostly for garbage, but also for fruit from apple trees and cherry trees,” he notes, “so you want to make sure that you pick up any fruit that’s rotting on the ground that’ll attract them and put out your garbage on the morning of garbage day if possible. That should keep them out of town.”

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Seabert says ursine buffet favourites blueberries, pin cherries and mountain ash all did well this year. That’s why Seabert expects fewer will wander into town.

Will that mean a quieter bear season?

Seabert said, “That’s what we’re hoping. They should be well fed this year.”

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